What People are Saying


“Thank you for participating in the Call to Prayer. Your presentation was powerful and prepared our hearts for prayer. We came away from the morning knowing we had been in God’s presence.”  Joyce Wagstaff

“Those who have read the article had nothing but good things to say about it, Susan.  YOU are SO GOOD at what you do.   I wish you could hear the compliments and rave reviews.  You did it, nailed it and I thank you.”  Laura Gingerich

“Of course what’s not to love about a big ol’ story about me myself and I, but I want to tell you that I love it and am thankful beyond expression for your time and craft and artistry in putting me and my work into words and “up in lights” in such a beautiful, appealing way.”  Nancie McDermott, author of “Southern Cakes,” “Quick & Easy Thai”

“Susan, the article was great..thank you for your efforts and time to get it just right.  You captured the partnership Marek and I have so well and yet were able bring to bear the personal side that I bring to the business.”  Jill Winkler, Chatham Hill Winery

“We were so blessed to have you share your message and journey with us.   So many members wanted me to let you know that you touched their hearts and souls and I am sure the 1st timers were given hope and reassurance by your words.  I hope we have a chance to cross paths again.”  Margaret Casey

“I loved your “invitation” opening. Its one of those ways your listeners will recall your message of the wonder that Almighty God as gone to such lengths to give us his word.”  Phyllis Stern

“Susan, your article was so well done!!  It was right on with all of the facts – first time we have had an article written that speaks exactly as to who we are and what we do!!  Thank you so much for taking your time to gather all of our information and telling everyone!!  I have had many, many positive comments!!” Kim Reynolds,  Second Empire Restaurant & Tavern

“Susan:  The Lord leads us to be where we need to be and, yesterday, I needed to hear about turtles.  Your time was very interesting, thought provoking, and good news!  I would like for you to send me a copy of the prayer, near the end of your talk.  I need it and want to pray it everyday. Thank you for caring and for sharing.” Paulette

“…….your writing is fabulous – I liked all the history and flavor you brought to the ginger story.” Leo John, editor Triangle Business Journal

“You did a great job—accessible, information and steps people could use, and just a great tone.” Rosie Molinary, author of “Hijas Americanas”

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